To Our Valued Customers

Due to demand and short supply we want to let you know before purchasing birch that the current supply is sitting at about 80% seasoned. Meaning it will burn but may require using kindling and smaller pieces to start, then adding medium sized pieces. Larger pieces can only be added once the fire is hot, but may need more time to season. More stirring will likely be required as well. We are very sorry for the inconvenience but are hoping to amass a larger supply for next years requirements. Just so you are aware we do have some well seasoned Tamarack and a Spruce/Pine mix. Thank you for your continued patronage and supporting us for the last 41 years!!

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Why We Sell by the Cubic Metre

We follow Measurement Canada's Recommendation and sell by the Cubic Metre instead of the "cord".

Measurement Canada recommends that the use of the cord as a unit of measurement be discontinued, as it is largely misunderstood and often misused by people selling firewood. For example, some sellers use illegal terms such as "face cord", "stove cord", "apartment cord", "furnace cord" and "short cord" to refer to a quantity smaller than 128 cubic feet when selling bulk firewood. These and other similarly worded terms frequently lead to confusion about the actual quantity of firewood being sold.

To avoid any confusion about the amount of firewood purchased or sold, Measurement Canada recommends the use of the stacked cubic metre when purchasing and selling bulk firewood.

Full Details are available on Industry Canada's website.